Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds are awesome. I recently came across these tiny seeds. Commonly used in foreign dishes, these low glycemic food has 294% of your Daily Value of copper, 177% DV of manganese, 140% DV of calcium, 76% DV of Thiamin, 51% DV of protein. Source: nutrition

Live Foods Taste Good!!!

Live foods are the foods that make you feel alive. Your body reactions to the nuturitions or minerals in the food, especially vegetables. The more food in its raw state the better. im personally working on that area of my life. I've had "raw" tacos and pizza and omg! It was delicious. I feel confident mentally that my meal is the healthiest. I've made a few raw dishes. It's wise to re-explore and research everything you consume. Turn that bottle of sauce you always buy over. Go online and look up its definition and ph levels. I recently removedcut back on onions. What have you researched lately?

Below, chopped raw kale for a salad, :

Photos of The Day

Loving sounds, beautiful thoughts, the mind is calm and relaxed. A pause of normal life to view nature. My moments of the lake.

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Rule for water consumption!

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Science has shown that the whole 8, 8oz of water idea is way off!!! Our bodies are different sizes, so that guideline hasn't apply for everyone. The rule is: calculate your exact weight. Take your weight and divide that number by 2. That number is the total number of ounces, minimally, you are required to drink daily. If you drink ANY beverage besides water, you must drink more water. For example, if you consume a 16oz glass of iced tea or coffee, you should drink 16oz more water. Now, I know you may be thinking, wow, that's a lot. Wait, look at your body, it's 75-90% water, you have to maintain a healthy system that functions correctly. Tell me what you think below. Until next time, ciao.

Weird Food Fact!

This section of this blog is for weird food facts.

The word castoreum, is the topic of this article. Castoreum is an anal excretion from a beaver, used to mark territory. Believe it or not, castoreum is used in vanilla flavoring. Research states castoreum has a musky, vanilla scent, similar to a consistency of molasses.

Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

quinoa, carrots and broccoli

source: unknown

Pauly want a Carrot?

Bright orange and long, the carrot is a worldwide staple to kitchens. From the Chinese stir-fry to the carrot crudité, the carrot is loved and hated by many. A root vegetable at heart, the carrot is sweet and has a crispness when fresh. Carrots can vary in color from purple, red, white, and yellow. As a rule, the darker the carrot the more nutrition it contains.

*Fun Facts:

Carrots are a close relative to the parsnip

When beta-carotene, a nutrient contained in carrots, enters your body, it turns into Vitamin A

The actor who played the voice of Bugs Bunny reportedly did not like carrots

*Meal options:

*Roasted carrots with cumin

*carrot soup with basil

*Stir fried carrots with onions

Let's talk about beans

There are so many varieties of beans including: black, green, kidney, navy, pinto, peanut, soy and many more. Technically called legume, beans have been used for centuries as a food source. According to Wikipedia, India and Brazil are the top producers of beans in the world. As a rule, the larger the bean the more iron it contains.

Meal ideas:

*cannellini beans can be mixed various ingredients like milk, lemon juice, and oil to make an vegan Alfredo like sauce

*homemade bean soup which is healthy and economical

Fun Facts:

The sugar contained in beans causes Flatulence (the passing of gas)

Onions! A Perfect Addition To A Dish!

Whether red, yellow, white, sweet, shallot, or green, onions are a delicious addition to any meal.

 photo 50b9d5d1-d325-449f-962b-52e38400aee5.jpg

 photo c9545f19-e575-460f-b758-aebc4bb977f4.jpg

 photo 9a35e03f-9cbc-4c57-bc92-a146a222e236.jpg

Onions are available year round and are a vegetable. Onions are high in Vitamin C and phosphorus. If a recipe calls for a teaspoon or tablespoon of onion powder or minced onion, you can substitute for a med chopped onion.

Fun Facts:

The Egyptians used onions as currency to pay pyramid builders.

Onions have been used as medicine in places like India since the beginning of time.

In some cultures, onions are a classic healthy breakfast food.

*Meal ideas:

*Add grilled sweet or yellow onions to a sandwich for extra flavor and texture.

*Add thin sliced red onions to a salad for an extra kick.

*Prepare onion soup as a meal.