Pauly want a Carrot?

Bright orange and long, the carrot is a worldwide staple to kitchens. From the Chinese stir-fry to the carrot crudité, the carrot is loved and hated by many. A root vegetable at heart, the carrot is sweet and has a crispness when fresh. Carrots can vary in color from purple, red, white, and yellow. As a rule, the darker the carrot the more nutrition it contains.

*Fun Facts:

Carrots are a close relative to the parsnip

When beta-carotene, a nutrient contained in carrots, enters your body, it turns into Vitamin A

The actor who played the voice of Bugs Bunny reportedly did not like carrots

*Meal options:

*Roasted carrots with cumin

*carrot soup with basil

*Stir fried carrots with onions

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