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Delicious Vegan Simple Easy Rice

Rice is a very versatile dish that is simple and easy. Add this dish to main entrees or add sauteed veggies to complete a meal.


1 cup of rice, my favorite is Basmati or brown

water, according to rice package directions

2 tsp of black pepper

1 T of soy sauce (Soy sauce gives rice flavor and provides a splash of liquid for texture.)

salt to taste

For a Southwestern style rice:

add 1/2 cup fresh chopped cilantro, dash of cayenne pepper, juice of lime, 1 avocado diced into cubes, 1 tomato, diced

For Asian flavor style rice:

add handful of fresh bean sprouts, handful of green onion, 1-1/2 T of sauteed garlic, minced


Cook rice according to package. Do NOT open top to rice until rice is completely finished cooking.

Once rice is finished cooking, add soy sauce and black pepper. Stir. Taste. Add salt to taste and Enjoy!

Add any additional ingredients to rice.


What different combinations of rice have you tried?

Leave a comment below.

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