Onions! A Perfect Addition To A Dish!

Whether red, yellow, white, sweet, shallot, or green, onions are a delicious addition to any meal.

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Onions are available year round and are a vegetable. Onions are high in Vitamin C and phosphorus. If a recipe calls for a teaspoon or tablespoon of onion powder or minced onion, you can substitute for a med chopped onion.

Fun Facts:

The Egyptians used onions as currency to pay pyramid builders.

Onions have been used as medicine in places like India since the beginning of time.

In some cultures, onions are a classic healthy breakfast food.

*Meal ideas:

*Add grilled sweet or yellow onions to a sandwich for extra flavor and texture.

*Add thin sliced red onions to a salad for an extra kick.

*Prepare onion soup as a meal.

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